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High Level of Productivity and Efficiency a must in the Cruise Tourism Sector

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Monday, April 22, 2002 - St. Lucian nationals seeking employment in the cruise sector will have to be armed with a high level of productivity , efficiency and the capability to handle the competitiveness which now exists in that sector.

So says the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Mc. Hale Andrew. According to Andrew, there is no affirmative or negative action on the part of the cruise sector in respect to the employment of any particular nationality. The Permanent Secretary indicated that tourism officials here have been informed that any St. Lucian national may apply for a position on a cruise ship providing that they meet the necessary requirements.

Asked whether St. Lucia is doing enough to qualify locals to command such positions, Andrew expressed the view that a great deal will depend on the initiative of the individual.

"Of course in a small developing country with limited resources there is so much you can do with preparing people. I think the general preparation in the school system is one thing, but the individual and particular preparation for working in the cruise ship is something else. Of course at the lower level it is much easier to work as a helper, as a shipmate or whatever. But I think there are specific higher level positions that St. Lucians should be able to aspire to; because I believe there is a talent, there is the training available to aspire to those positions."


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