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Folk Research Centre Open Week is a Success

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Wednesday, June 05, 2002 - Officials of the Folk Research Centre (FRC) say members of the public as well as various schools and other institutions have been responding favourably to its ‘Open Week’ currently underway. The Centre’s Executive Director Kennedy ‘Boots’ Samuel explained that the rationale behind the annual event is to raise public consciousness of the island’s cultural heritage and history while highlighting the work of the FRC.

“This year as we have been doing for the past few years, we have been giving a lot of emphasis to our education sessions with the schools. Everyday for the week we have two school sessions with different activities planned. Students get a chance to visit a particular exhibition that we have mounted and this year we have mounted one focusing on traditional wear, what has now become the National Dress of St. Lucia. This we have done in conjunction with the Corinth Secondary School,” said Samuel.

Samuel pointed out that students are also benefiting firsthand from prominent and culturally oriented St. Lucians who hold rap sessions with them. Some of the names include Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson, George ‘Fish’ Alphonse and a host of folk musicians and traditional storytellers.

A highpoint of the week so far was an interactive session on the Rastafarian movement in St. Lucia over the years. The FRC says the event that took place on Wednesday, 05 June 2002 was aimed at bridging the widening gap between the general public and the Rastafarian movement.


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