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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Monday, December 09, 2002 – Eighteen persons were recipients of the 2002 Order of St. Lucia, Independence Awards at the Investiture Ceremony took place at Government House Tuesday December 10th 2002.

Among those honoured were Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Castries, Kelvin Felix who received the St. Lucia Medal of Honour(Gold) for long and meritorious service in the field of religion.

The Medal of Merit(Silver) to Stuart Charles Fevrier and Desmond Collymore in the field of sports and Gregory Casius Piper in the field of Music.

During the ceremony eight persons drawn from the Teaching Service, the Royal St. Lucia Police Force, the Fire Service and the Prison Service were recognised under another category of awards called the Public Services Long Service Medal.

Addressing the recipients Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony, emphasised the need for the recipients to understand that the honour bestowed upon them must not be seen only as decision of government but also one by the people of St. Lucia who saw it fitting that you be awarded for providing services to this country beyond the call of duty.

“ So you go forth with the blessings, with the recognition of the people of St. Lucia. I say this because I think it is important that we recognise that whatever contribution that you are recognised for today does not end here. I also want to urge you to look to the future, that whatever you have done for this country, for the people of this country, for your community must not end with the medal that is pinned on your chest. There is still work to be done; a medal should never mean a retirement” Prime Minister Anthony said.

Prime Minister Anthony appealed to the recipients to continue to inspire this present generation as they have done for those in the past, in an era where difficult choices must be made and difficult challenges are being faced.

Dr. Anthony added that notwithstanding the Honours bestowed upon these persons, the people of St. Lucia, still need their advice, talent, commitment and love. He also stated that it is his hope that in future the country can find other ways and means to properly recognise its citizens who have rendered long meritorious service beyond the call of duty.

The Order of St. Lucia established in 1986, affords the opportunity for St. Lucians, and non- citizens, to be recognised for acts of bravery, achievements and long, loyal and meritorious services. The awards are given in three classes, namely- The St. Lucia Medal of Honour, given for eminent service of national importance for St. Lucia, The St. Lucia Medal of Merit for achievements and contribution in the area of education, the arts and sports and the St. Lucia Le Piton Medal for long meritorious service promoting loyal service, community service and national welfare.


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