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Economic Council President Promises "Non-Partisan and Transparent"l

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Wednesday, September 18, 2002 - President of the recently launched of the National Economic Council Richard Peterkin, says, the council must maintain transparency and non- partisanship as it works towards the development of the local economy.

The council is expected to form alliances with the social partners with the aim of identifying key economic challenges facing St. Lucia and recommend cost effective measures that will allow the country to respond successfully to these challenges.

“ The council is intended to be a multi-sectoral, non partisan, innovative and independent thinking group and it will have the capacity to co-opt and commission addition human resources if and when required. This will not by itself naturally ensure success but it should guarantee transparency and accountability” Peterkin said.

Peterkin stated that the whole country’s resources and talents will have to be mobilized if it is to achieve and exceed it’s economic potential. The NEC president added, that the council will solicit the direct input of the political directorate and the political opposition to ascertain current economic policy and what it should be. He says, they will engage in debate with managers in the public service who are responsible with the implementation of policy and members of the public and private sectors who are its customers and intended beneficiaries.

Peterkin said, short term research initiatives will be commissioned where necessary and the results of the findings and conclusions will be made public, so that all St. Lucian who wish to contribute to this process can do so.

The Council comprises 11 members drawn from the public and private sectors as well as non governmental organizations.


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