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Changes in Traffic Flow between Morne Du Don & La Pansee Set for April 15

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Thursday, April 04, 2002 - The Transport Division of the Ministry of Communications, Works and Public Utilities has announced a shift in the implementation date for the one-way system to be put in place for motorists making use of the Morne Du Don and La Pansee roads. According to Transport Officer Annett Augustine, the implementation date was shifted from April 2 to April 15 to facilitate thorough public education and sensitisation of the motoring public.

“We are now able to put the various signs in place and to ensure that motorists become more familiar with them within this two-week period. Also, via the media houses, we intend disseminating further information to them as well,” said Augustine.

The senior transport officer says the change in traffic flow for the area was prompted by a number of reasons; chief among them was pedestrian and motorist safety. “There is an absence of sidewalks throughout the area and the continuous problem of vehicular conflict on this narrow roadway prompted the ministry of devise this plan of implementing the one-way system where we are hoping that the flow of traffic will be expedited along this road and that there would be a safer passage provided for motorists and pedestrians alike,” she added.

Augustine says the Transport Division of the Ministry of Communications and Works remains committed to providing safer passage ways for the motoring public. It will therefore examine the possibility of easing traffic congestion and improving safety along various stretches of road on the island.


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