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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Wednesday, October 02, 2002 - The Basic Needs Trust Fund, the BNTF met with officials of the Ministry of Social Transformation and its Consultant to discuss the initial approach to a new Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action Plan.

Project Manager of the BNTF, Clive Hippolyte indicated that the action plan will not only serve as a precondition for the Caribbean Development Bank disbursement of funds for the BNTF to institute new projects but will also be a National Action Plan which will direct the BNTF’s strategies as well as other poverty reduction agencies for the implementation of island wide programmes.

The Action Plan will look at the historical context of poverty in the country. It will also take an analysis of the situation as exist and also look at the national poverty reduction effort. Upon that analysis, BNTF officials will formulate a strategy that will generally look at all facets and contributory factors to poverty and the efforts to alleviate poverty throughout St. Lucia. According to Hippolyte, the action plan will involve basic infrastructural projects being implemented in various communities in the country which will include repairs to public facilities, roads, footpaths among other needy projects. Hippolyte indicated that the initiative will not involved only the physical developments of communities but will also embraced the cultural, social and economic factors that will eased those communities off that poverty level.

Based on the document coming out of that consultation in November, it is expected that a more structured and scientific approach will be formulated to generate the level of assistance to be given to these communities.


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