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April 5 Deadline for Submitting Tax Returns!

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Wednesday, April 03, 2002 – St. Lucian taxpayers have up to Friday afternoon to beat the deadline date for submitting their tax return forms to the Inland Revenue Department for the income year 2001. The department has granted taxpayers a five-day extension from the traditional March 31 deadline to the new April 5 cutoff date.

Taxpayer Relations Officer Leslie Ann Modeste says persons are definitely coming in to the office but they are coming in with blank forms and “this is not good”.

“If they have begun filling in the forms and can’t complete them, they can call us at the Inland Revenue Department. It’s our job to provide guidelines and offer assistance,” she said.

“Sadly we have noticed that many persons have not even gotten the relevant documents that we have been asking them to collect since January and time is on them. The rush is on and we would like to urge all to meet the deadline date of April 5,” she added.

However, Modeste says, many persons are not taking advantage of the numerous avenues for assistance being offered by the department and are causing themselves unnecessary anxiety in the process.

“We wish to remind persons though that our help desks, started from the month of March at selected areas, are still operational and this is so especially for those persons in the south. What we are seeing is that persons who live in Micoud, Vieux Fort and Choiseul are coming up to Castries to submit their return forms. There is no need to do so since we have a very active support centre in the south and our officers are there, willing and able to assist them,” she notes.

Her advice to these persons is to “forget about the bus, go into our offices down there, utilize our services there and do what they have to do.”

Taxpayers filing after April 5 will incur a five percent penalty charge on their returns.


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