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An OECS Development Charter Comes On Stream

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, July 08, 2002 - An OECS Development Charter which fully integrates and incorporates social development issues into a comprehensive development vision for the OECS region has been established. Director General of the OECS, George Goodwin says that, “The Charter provides a road map with the OECS development strategy that among other things will chart a development programming over the coming decade and will include monitoring the general human condition in our sub-region. The OECS Development Charter and its companion the OECS Strategy address certain specific issues affecting the youth, the elderly, disadvantaged groups and broader issues such as reproductive health.”

The OECS Secretariat has only just completed the first OECS sub-regional human development report which will be launched within a month’s time. According to Goodwin, “Our HDR identifies many of the issues that will inform and shape our social development approaches. It is also a critical complement to the development strategy and charter that I mentioned before and also our strategic plan which we have just completed for the education sector, for our health sector and for our sustainable development activities as encapsulated in what we can call the Declaration of St. George’s”.


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