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A Unified Approach to Tourism Tops Agenda at North American Marketing Meeting

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 – The Annual North American Marketing Meeting of Saint Lucia Tourist Board that takes place on Thursday brings together the Board’s North American sales managers and Public Relations Agencies in open discussion.

Public and Visitor Relations Manager at the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Alison Theodore explains, “The meeting that we are holding is a step forward in terms of developing a unified approach, something that we do on a regular basis but it always plays a key role in developing the plans that we have. Many of the marketing plans you see come to fruition throughout the year they all really begin with the Annual North American Meeting. So this definitely is a chance for us to come together as a group and develop a plan for the upcoming year.”

This year, the SLTB has invited a special guest speaker, Dr. Auliana Poon of Tourism Intelligence International, who is very well known in tourism circles. She will deliver a feature presentation on travel trends, focussing specifically on Saint Lucia’s competiveness vis-a-vis the other Caribbean and international destinations.

By the end of the day’s meeting, the Tourist Board expects to finalise all the details of its major marketing activities in both the US and Canada and to provide a clear strategic direction to the marketing of Saint Lucia in these two key markets. This information will then be translated into a plan of action for the 2002/2003 fiscal year.


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