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St. John Ambulance Brigade - "A Beacon of Community Service"

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, June 24, 2002 - Saint Lucians need to become more involved in the humanitarian work being undertaken by members of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. That’s the opinion of the island’s Governor General Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy. Dame Pearlette was at the time addressing the nation on the occasion of St. John Day, Monday, June 24, 2002.

The Governor General said that “The charitable and humanitarian work that needs to be done in our communities is on the increase; so too should be our resolve to serve and care for each other. Thankfully, we have among us many service and humanitarian organisations that can provide us with the structured response of those needs.”

She declared that it is now time to revisit the St. John Ambulance Brigade in order to understand its history and to learn its objectives and purpose. The Governor General said that St. Lucians should appreciate the Brigade’s contribution to society and the service it has quietly been rendering to the distressed.

“Today as President of the St. John Council of Saint Lucia, I make a special appeal to all those who have not yet committed themselves to serve to consider the St. John Ambulance Association and join the growing army of young persons, men and women working in the service of the sick, the suffering, the distressed and the disabled in this special country of ours. Ladies and gentlemen we were made for service, to care for each other. Let us do so with magnanimity and generosity of spirit.”

The Order of St. John is both a Christian Order and a Royal Order of Chivalry. The roots of the Order date back to the eleventh century when the knights of the first crusade captured the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Order was later recognised as an independent religious order whose special task was to care for the sick.


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