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A 30% Reduction in Domestic Violence by 2004

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Contact: Julita Peter

Monday, February 04, 2002 - The Minister for Home Affairs and Gender Relations Honourable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has called for a national response to violence against women and children. On Monday, the Minister met with the local press to officially launch a music video and a series of public service announcements highlighting the consequences of domestic violence and its impact on households, in particular women and children.

Sarah Flood-Beaubru
Minister Flood-Beaubrun

In apprising the media of her ministry’s new plans to address gender-based violence, Minister Beaubrun noted that public education must be an integral part of any strategy to address the problem. The new campaign aims to effect behavioural changes in victims and perpetrators, foster greater family and community support for victims, and motivate the entire society to develop a national culture of zero tolerance for violence.

The minister said her ministry has adopted a phased approach to addressing the problem of domestic violence. The first phase involving a study on the prevalence of domestic violence in St. Lucia has been completed.

The second phase involves the prevention, safety and rehabilitation of victims, and the setting up of a national mechanism to develop and monitor sectoral responses to domestic violence. A Women’s Support Centre has been built and is serving as a temporary shelter for female victims and their children.

With regard to the recent increase in the number of rape cases being reported, the Minister said violence of any kind has to be denounced and the perpetrators should be brought to justice and feel the full weight of the law.

“I am extremely concerned about it. I think it is important for us as a general public whilst we exert pressure on the police, we must also ensure that we support them in coming up with information,” she added.

The Minister said the ministry’s ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of domestic violence by thirty percent by 2004.


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