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Victoria's Friends Come to Her Rescure

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

March 17, 1999 - The island’s oldest Health institution, Victoria Hospital was this week the recipient of a number of appliances and medical supplies. The benefactor, Friends of Victoria has adopted the hospital since 1978 and assisted the hospital in various areas enabling that institution to give a higher level of medical care to patients.

The latest donation, five television sets, four heavy-duty fans and a barrel of medical supplies were welcome by hospital personnel. Hospital Administrator Egbert Andrew traced the relationship between the two organisations as he described this latest gesture as "invaluable."

Government is doing its best to improve and modernise the health services in Saint Lucia but according to Andrew, government’s contribution alone cannot be sufficient enough to fund the curative institutions like Victoria Hospital.

Lucia with the assistance of the European Union will be spending about forty million dollars on the re-development of the institution.

The Hospital Administrator reiterated that yes monies is being spent on enhancing the physical and health care delivery at the hospital, but there is need to do more.


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