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Users of Market Facilities Warned .... Pay Up or Else!

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

March 15, 1999 - Users of the Castries Market Facilities such as butchers, fast food booth subscribers, vendors and the roadside canteen booth subscribers are urged to pay up their outstanding debts or else face the consequences.

According to May, Irvine John in May 1998, vendors were given three months up to the end of August to clear all arrears with deductible incentives of 40%, 35%, 30%, if arrears were cleared in three months. The vendors requested more time and Council in its compassion increased the time frame to six months ending in November 1988. This meant that persons clearing between June and July 1998 were allowed 40% discount, August – September 1998 34% and October – November 30%.

Many vendors took advantage of the discounts offered and did clear their debt during the six months. Others paid a first installment and never made another effort to pay while others just refused to pay with the hope that Council would write off the debt. According to Mr. John, Council cannot afford this luxury. "Council has been very understanding and compassionate, but we cannot continue to run the affairs of Council without money, while citizens demand better services, and rightly so." Mr. John said.

All persons who are indebted to Council are asked to clear these amounts by March 31, 1999 or else Council will be forced to take action deemed necessary to correct this situation in preparation for the advents of the new millennium.


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