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St. Lucia & Martinique Move to Strengthen Trade Links

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Contact: Janelle Charles

March 4, 1999 - A Franco/St. Lucian Business Initiative was launched here Monday with calls from French and local private sector officials for the removal of barriers hindering trade between St. Lucia and Martinique.

Martinique’s Chamber of Commerce is urging St. Lucia to review the import items currently on its Negative Trading List, while the President of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Thomas Roserie is advocating that the French ease restrictions on travel and exports. " For us to travel to Martinique we encounter difficulty and this is an issue we have to address. We have to understand that for us to promote effective business relationships the ease of travel is vital. Our exports to Martinique is very important to us and while you have your own difficulty trading with our country, we do experience difficulty even in getting our export to our country." Roserie told French businesspersons.

Martinique’s Chamber of Commerce has agreed in principle that there is need for a careful review of travel arrangements between St. Lucia and Martinique to make it more flexible in its applications.

As part of the Franco/St. Lucian Business Initiative some 45 investors from Martinique were here for a two- day visit to explore the possibility of establishing joint ventures in St. Lucia. Local investors will make a similar journey to Martinique in June 1999.


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