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Small Business Owners to Benefit from New Accounting Centre

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Contact: Julita Peter

March 5, 1999 - Local micro and small business entrepreneurs are benefiting from the services of a newly opened accounting centre. The centre established by the National Research and Development Foundation is a response to a recognized need within the small business community for more accurate and reliable accounting. According to the Foundation micro- entrepreneurs generally cannot afford administrative staff to process their financial information into a format that is useable for making business decisions.

Funding for the centre was provided by the STABEX funds through the Small Enterprise Development Project of the Ministry of Commerce which seeks to promote self reliance for small business persons by providing services such as training, loan credit, counseling, product and market development .

The French Mission has also lent its support to the Foundation by providing furniture and the resources which enabled the Assistant Executive Director of the Foundation to spend four weeks in France observing the operations of Accounting Centres there.


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