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Mandatory Code of Practice for Frozen Foods

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Contact: Janelle Charles

November 25, 1999 - A Mandatory Code of Practice for the processing and handling of Frozen Foods will be introduced shortly. Currently standards are adhered to on a voluntary basis.

The Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Industry, Hon. Dr. Walter Francois says it is the intention of his ministry to officially accord mandatory status to a number of these standards but first he says the Ministry will engage in a programme of information dissemination.

Thursday the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Industry convened a Standards Seminar, on the Importance of Standards in the Processing and Handling of Frozen Foods as part of the promotional programme.

The Minister also noted and St. Lucia has been exceedingly fortunate so far to have avoided serious problems arising from a sometimes too casual approach to standards in the handling of frozen foods.

He adds there is need an urgent need now to review the common practice of defrosting products for sale in small lots, only to refreeze later what was not sold, given the proliferation of roadside food stands.


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