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Major Changes in Health Sector ... Coming Soon!

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

November 2, 1999 - Saint Lucianís have been promised major changes to the islandís Health Sector almost immediately. This was disclosed Tuesday by Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony as he addressed the islandís House of Assembly. According to the Prime Minister a "Health Complaints and Conciliation Commission" will be appointed to provide assistance to persons not satisfied with the quality of service received at both private and public medical institutions. "The Health Complaints and Conciliation Commission will be established by the enactment of appropriate legislation" Dr. Anthony said.

According to Dr. Anthony government, is committed to ensuring that the public receive top quality health service, and assured Saint Lucians that the establishment of the Commission is just the first step in that process.

Government has decided to abandon the proposal of the last administration, and adopted by the present government, that of renovating the Victoria Hospital. In the words of Dr. Anthony, "St. Lucians have had enough ÖÖ government has decided to construct a new hospital"

Already a delegation led by Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony, and comprising the Minister of Health, Hon. Sarah Flood Beaubrun and other top health officials have met with the European delegation to discuss this change in direction. Saint Luciaís proposal for the new hospital has been well received.

Government is also proposing an immediate restructuring of the organisational arrangements at the hospital. "The hospital needs quality leadership, it also requires decisive leadership. We propose to create an Executive Director post at Grade 19, to allow us to contract an experienced manager who will function as the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital." Dr. Anthony said. This person will be given the authority and support to manage the institution without interference. The post of Medical Superintendent will be converted to Medical Director. This person will be given the authority over all medical staff at the hospital. The Prime Minister says that post will be filled by an experienced doctor to work full time. A Nursing Director Post will also be created at Grade eighteen. The Nursing Directorís main tasks will be to oversee and develop nursing services at the hospital.

A post of Assistant Director responsible for the human resource development aspect of the hospital will also be created. The Prime Minister says, these changes are necessary to allow the hospital to begin to improve its services.


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