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Lenny Wrecks Havoc on the Town of Soufriere

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

November 24, 1999 - After assessing, the damages caused by Hurricane Lenny Wednesday, in the South Western Town of Soufriere to some nine million dollars, assessment teams are now back in the town, reassessing, as further damage was wrecked over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, residents woke to the sounds of angry waves, which battered the already waterfront. Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony together with other government ministers and officials of the Housing and Urban Development Corporation, visited the Soufriere Community and experience first hand the fury of the sea. Dr. Anthony and his delegation, toured the entire water front and spoke with residents affected by what many described as frightening and the first of its kind.

Two sites have been identified for the relocation of persons whose homes have been damaged by the waters. Prime Minister Anthony indicates that there is need to move speedily "to hold discussion with the respective landowners, and of course with the people of Soufriere." Describing the areas for possible location, Dr. Anthony says "I think they are both very promising, and that will allow us to move fairly quickly. Mind you, I have no idea just yet, where we're going get the money to do all of this but we have to do it because we have to help these people. They have gone through a very, very difficult time."

Throughout the week, while many residents were concerned about their homes, their lives and their future, others were actually making a livelihood from the effects of the natural phonemanom - track after truck came down to the sea shores shoveling loads and loads of sand some of them barely making it to the top of the hill. For some residents, they called it an act of God and yet for others, a clean up for the new millennium.

Prime Minister's Statement on the Passage of Hurricane Lenny
Impact of Hurricane Lenny On St. Lucia's West Coast


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