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Improving Solid Waste Management

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August 12, 1999 - The Government of the OECS through the Solid and Ship Generated Waste Management Project facilitated by the OECS Project Management Unit now have in their possession the final reports from two Consultants employed to research a series of initiatives to improve solid waste management in the OECS region.

One of the initiatives aims at the preparation of strategies and action plans at both the regional and national levels for the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery (4R’s) of solid waste. Dillon Consulting Ltd., of Canada implemented the 4R’s study process.

It is envisaged that implementation of the action plan will result in the creation of public and private sector employment, extend the life of the waste disposal facilities currently under development, reduce costs associated with the disposal of wastes and give effect to government initiatives to keep the economy in ways that are consistent with sound environmental practices.

The other initiative is the Model Policy, Legislation and Regulations Study conducted by de Romilly & de Romilly Ltd., of Canada is concerned with the preparation of regional and national Model Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans for the management and operation of regional and national Solid and Ship-generated Waste Management Systems.

More specifically, the principal objective was to ensure that the solid waste management Authority that has been established in each of the participating OECS countries are assisted with the development of an appropriate legal and institutional framework with which to establish and implement the National Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan and Programme and where appropriate any regional waste management plan and programme.

It is intended that the project will result in an improvement to the regulatory environment, the strengthening of management capabilities, an improvement in day-to-day monitoring of waste management systems, and the identification of opportunities for waste reduction, recycling recovery and re-use.

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority will in collaboration with the Project Management Unit conduct a number of focus group meetings in the coming weeks to disseminate this information with the intention of instituting the recommendations emanating from the above studies to chart collectively a new way forward for the management of solid waste on the island.


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