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Banana Dispute Affecting the Lives of Caribbean People

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August 18, 1999 - The island’s Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. George Odlum has expressed the opinion that the on-going dispute between the Caribbean and the Untied States is causing a strain on the relationship, which exists between the two countries.

Mr. Odlum believes that the dispute is affecting the lives and the economies of the various Caribbean countries. Because of that rift, "The leaders feel sore, that America who has been a traditional friend for many decades, has now decided to take so tough a line against those small vulnerable countries," Mr. Odlum said.

On the other hand, Mr. Odlum says the frequent visits by US diplomats to Saint Lucia is some indication of the US government’s desire to repair and once again strengthen its relationship with Saint Lucia. "I think also they have sent people like the US Envoy, who is a very close friend of President Clinton and Ambassador Crotty two very understanding and seasoned diplomats who will be able to emphasize with the aspirations of the Caribbean," Mr. Odlum ended.

The two gentlemen were on island earlier this week to discuss the island’s banana industry and ways in which the US can once again come of the assistance of Saint Lucia in that regard.


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