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Update - Ozone Depleting Substances

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Contact: John Emmanuel

June 10, 1998 - Over a year ago a national strategy to phase out Ozone Depleting Substances under the Montreal Protocol was devised. Today local stakeholders met to take another look at the project and the programmes emanating from it.

The intention is to agree to a definite plan of action, with activities to be undertaken, time frames and assignment of responsibilities, as efforts heighten in order to reduce the impact of Ozone Depleting Substances on the environment.

One of the fundamental issues being ironed out at today's national meeting, is the setting up of a licensing system to regulate imports and exports of Ozone Depleting substances, normally found in refrigerators, air conditioners, cars and the ever popular aerosol sprays.

However according to Science, Energy and Technology Officer attached to the Ministry of Planning - Bishnu Tulsie, getting the system up and running will prove easier said than done. The word is that importers are somewhat reluctant in saying what they level of imports are.

The division of Energy, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Planning, is hopping to make a last ditch attempt at engaging the various sectors, namely manufacturing and service agencies as well as importers of Chloroflorocarbons, in dialogue on the issue, in order to finalize the programme. Via the media, importers will be urged to come forward, at the same time, they'll be told of the consequences of not doing so.


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