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Trust Condemns Cliff Paintings

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

November 11, 1998 - The Saint Lucia National Trust is condemning the growing practice of painting and construction of signs on cliff faces around the island. The Trust is of the opinion that these signs are degrading the landscape by reducing the natural beauty of major parts of Saint Lucia. "Natural views are resources to be enjoyed by both locals and visitors and should be allowed to be spoilt for the profits of a few private companies," a release from the Trust indicated. As Saint Lucia moves towards developing and promoting nature/heritage tourism as a significant component of its tourism industry, these signs will adversely impact on the tourism product.

Earlier this year the Saint Lucia National Trust brought this problem to the attention of the Ministries of Planning and Tourism and the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. More recently, through numerous phone calls to the Ministry of Planning, followed by a letter addressed to the Executive Secretary of the Development Control Authority and carbon copied to the Ministers of Planning, Tourism and the Environment and the Director of Tourism.


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