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Tourists Support Ban on Lobster Poaching

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By Janelle Charles

September 4, 1998 - The Fisheries Department is reporting that the hospitality industry is providing tremendous support to efforts to protect the marine life.

As a result of that support fishermen are complying to a large extent with regulations pertaining to the harvesting of Lobsters

The maximum for each offence is $5,000. "Under the law is states that if you have in your possession … it does not mean that if you caught it, if it is sold to you and you are found with it you can be charged $5,000 for having it in your possession," says Fisheries Biologist Jannin Rambally. She is looking forward to the continued cooperation of the hospitality sector now that the harvesting season for Lobsters re-opened at the start of September.

The Fisheries regulation, number 9 of 1994 provides specific guidelines for fishermen. The head of the lobster must be at least 9.5 cm in length, lobsters which are bearing eggs are not fair game, restrictions also apply to lobsters that are molting (have a soft shell). Spare fishing of lobsters is illegal since it does not allow for confirmation of size, molting or egg bearing.

The Department of Fisheries now has a two-year project in place to determine whether there is need to extend the opening season for the harvesting of Lobsters.


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