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The Legal System must be reformed!

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By Rose Marie Harris

September 8, 1998 - Steps aimed at addressing the inefficiencies within the Legal System will soon be implemented. According to Minister of Legal Affairs Hon. Velon John, the administration of the legal system must be strengthened, if it is to respond effectively to the expectation of citizens.

In that respect, Mr. John says there is an urgent need for training in investigative skills. "As we see it there is need for a crime unit with trained police officers, so that at the commission of a serious crime that unit can be effectively mobilized for the expeditious desolution of that particular offence," John suggests. He admitted that there is a tremendous cost involved in meeting that goal. But regardless of the cost the Minister says government is well aware of the urgency of insuring law and order in the country.

In October last year, a Police Reform Committee was established and at this moment a British Team is on the island to assess St. Lucia’s legal capabilities and needs. According to the Home Affairs Minister, government will soon be briefed on the findings, and will move subsequently to its speedy implementation. This he expects will have a positive impact on the police and on St. Lucia’s judicial system.

The Minister made those remarks at a Press Conference held at the Government Information Service over the weekend.


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