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By Janelle Charles

world.jpg (3377 bytes)August 17, 1998 - The Global Information Revolution is demanding that local institutions make readily available information on a variety of subjects. The Department of Statistics has been responding to that challenge and has been spearheading a number of initiatives.

Recently assistance was given to the Labour Department in establishing a database on salaries and wages across economic sectors. "That information base has been lacking for a long time," says Director of Statistics Edwin St. Catherine. He adds that, "we have something in place and we intend to continue it."

computeg.gif (8246 bytes)Mr. St. Catherine says it is critical that all institutions give priority to developing structured information generating capabilities. He revealed that Statistics Department is currently working on a project that will put in place a database on Trade and National Accounts. Essentially this will allow the department to put such information on the Internet.



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