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Contact: Richmond Felix

June 10, 1998 - In the past year, the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC), has taken significant strides in establishing its position in the Caribbean. A three day meeting of Enforcement Liaison Officers from (CCLEC), member countries got on the way Tuesday in St. Lucia.

Thirty four (34) countries including St. Lucia are signatories to the CCLEC memorandum of understanding, which was established to have cooperation and provide mutual assistance in the repression of customs offenses in the Caribbean.

CCLEC operates a Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) and has invested in mentoring and training projects for network enforcement liaison officers. Utilizing diagnostic study techniques, the aim of the workshops is to better determine national solutions for the creation of efficient national intelligence units.

CCLEC recently announced that a major funding initiative had begun . The Regional Clearance System (RCS), will be implemented through the United Nations Drug Control Programme and is aimed at a specific customs area - the control of the movement of small vessels and light aircraft.

Euan Stewart, Permanent Secretary of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council tells The GIS that, "Essentially what we’re going to do through the program is to ensure the effectiveness of national customs capabilities and the sum of that total will be the regional project. The main drive is to assess the development of national capacities."

The workshop is expected to complement other CCLEC programmes, like the Caribbean Drug Initiative, Automation, Trade and Enforcement projects. Just last week the Hon. Mario Michel, acting in capacity of Prime Minister, announced the commencement of a major a customs reform and modernization program for St. Lucia which CCLEC is also involved in.

Perhaps training is the greatest contribution that CCLEC can make to its members, and so it says it will continue to work hard to assist in the implementation of training solutions.


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