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National School Improvement on Test

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Contact: Richmond Felix

October 27, 1998 - The Ministry of Education is looking at new ways of establishing a practical structure for organizational and planning decisions, taken at the school level. Toward this end, work is now in progress on a School Improvement Plan.

The School Improvement Plan is being developed through a number of pilot models at selected schools around the island and through workshops with education officials who are either directly or indirectly involved with students. The workshops bring together district education officers, principals and teachers as well as resource persons for a number of brainstorming and lecture sessions. The aim is to bring together leadership teams who are required to find dynamic means to make improvements at their respective schools.

Organizers as well as participants have already identified areas where they can focus their attention. Chris Breckman, a Canadian Educator and resource person for the workshops said, "The participants are enthusiastic. They have gone through the whole concept and they seem to be amenable to this. They saw it as having the potential to help them and they were very eager to identify problems, concerns and areas where they could focus their energy and work."

Having had some insight into how to go about implementing the School Improvement Plan, the participants will now move into the second phase of the program during which they will test theories at the pilot schools. They will then return to discuss any problems encountered during the initial implementation.


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