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"Coudment Comin' Back"

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Contact: Lucius Doxerie

June 22, 1998 - The Ministry of Community Development is hoping to continue to encourage the concept of "Coudment" for community projects, but within a more formalized structure.

The history of St. Lucia and perhaps the wider Caribbean region, speaks of a system whereby people come together to help others especially in the are of home building.   The term that has remained  with us is "coudment" (pronounced with a silent "t").  The ancient activity is characterized by helpers given food - usually red beans, dumplings and viand cochon - in return for their work.

Although the system is still very much alive, it is less persuasive and confined more than less to the out-districts.  Minister of Community Development,  the Hon. Damian Greaves, believes that the system must be kept in existence especially for the purpose of executing community projects, albeit in a more formal structure. Greaves says "it is imperative that the coudment system be revisited to reflect modern thinking."

The Ministry, meanwhile, is making strides to establish Cornerstone, a home that will ensure old persons are provided with shelter.


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