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Clamp Down on Abuse of Government Vehicles

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September 17, 1998 - Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Honourable Kenny Anthony, has taken a strong stance on the abuse of government vehicles. In a memo to all Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments, the Prime Minister expressed his growing concern with the number of incidences in which government vehicles are being used outside of working hours.

The Prime Minister noted that there were systems for monitoring the use of government vehicles and these should be implemented consistently across the public service with immediate effect. He has advised that Permanent Secretaries or officers designated by them are required to issue letters of authorisation to drivers, in cases where vehicles need to be used after working hours. By copy of the memo, the police have been empowered to demand these letters of authorisation from drivers of government vehicles. Failure to produce the relevant letter will result in the vehicle being impounded.

Dr. Anthony says, he is determined to put an end to what is an obvious abuse of government property, tax payers’ money and an unacceptable level of inefficiency in the Public Service.


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