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Contact: Shannon Lebourne



Monday, March 19, 2012 – The Central Statistical Office is continuing its effort in conducting its Annual National Accounts Survey.  The exercise is used to estimate St. Lucia‘s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Director of Statistics Edwin St Catherine says the cooperation of businesses in providing accurate information to enumerators is crucial.


 “This is an area where we have had some difficulty over the years and it had adversely impacted on the quality of the GDP estimates that we make, so it’s very important to have the cooperation of the business community and for them to see its value in terms of the ability of government, external institution and other local stakeholders to make commentary on the economy and the overall growth of Saint Lucia`s national product”.


The Annual National Accounts Survey is being conducted in accordance with international statistics requirements.


The information collected as part of the Annual National Accounts Survey will be kept in strict confidence and will not be divulged to any third party in any form under the Statistics Act Chapter17.12 Volume 19 of the revised laws of Saint Lucia 2006. 


 “We want to ensure that businesses understand that the information is protected by law and this is something we take very seriously at the Central Statistical Office.   We ensure that whenever we disseminate information we guard against the way this is done so no individual within the Ministry of Finance, no politician, no one apart from people who have taken an oath under the law can have any access to this information, this is something that is sacred”.


The Director of Statistics says the information collected can help various government agencies in shaping policies and programmes to better serve the business sector.

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