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Contact:  Ministry of Finance



Friday, April 20, 2012 - In full preparation mode for the implementation of the Value Added Tax in Saint Lucia, the VAT Implementation Project Office, under the direction of new Coordinator Adria Rose Sonson is continuing discussions with all stakeholder groups to ensure that the interests of all sectors have been attended to leading up to the implementation of VAT on September 1, 2012.


On Thursday April 19, the Project Coordinator and other members of the Office met with representatives of the Ministry of Commerce, to discuss support which Government can facilitate for the Small and Micro Business Sector through the Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU). The Coordinator described the dialogue as a brainstorming session with a focus on capacity building for micros and the informal business sector that has value beyond VAT.

“When you think of micro business in relation to how VAT works to streamline and simplify the collection of tax, any facilitation designed to bring them on to the system must also strengthen their own internal accounting methods and record keeping. Our consideration is to identify what types and levels of facilitation Government can reasonably provide that makes the transition as seamless for Micro-businesses and with as little impact on their pockets as possible.”


To this end Coordinator Sonson said the discussions were very useful for the design of a package, which following the scrutiny of SEDU, will be submitted to Cabinet for consideration.

“Of course, these things are subject to processes and procedures, but the important thing to bear in mind is that Government is well aware of these sector-specific concerns, and all due diligence concerns will be addressed.”


This past week, the Office also continued dialogue with the Executive of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, to assess the sector’s state of readiness for the implementation of the new taxation regime, as well as other concerns.

Ms Sonson indicated that as soon as these arrangements are finalised, they will be communicated through mass media, Social Media and a new VAT website, which is expected to be unveiled sometime next week.

Over the course of 2009 and 2010 an extensive islandwide public education programme was undertaken. The VAT Project Offcie will commence its public awareness drive from Monday April 23 which will be ongoing through to implementation and beyond.

The Project team can be contacted at 468-1420 or email us at vatcoordinator@vat.gov.lc  or vatinfo@vat.gov.lc

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