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List of Polling Stations for Election 2001

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December 3, 2001 General Elections
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General Elections - December 3, 2001


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December 3, 2001



Gros Islet – A

A1 (a) Gros Islet Primary School

A-1 (b) Gros Islet Infant School

A-2 (a) Monchy Combined School

A-2 (b) La Feuille Mothers & Fathers Hall

A-3 Grand Riviere Primary School

A-4 Corinth Secondary School

Babonneau – B

B-1 Babonneau Primary School

B-2 La Gare Combined School

B-3 Boguis Combined School

B-4 Des Bara Combined School

B-5 Fond Assau Combined School

B-6 Babonneau Multi-Purpose Centre

Castries North – C

C-1 Castries Comprehensive School

C-2 Vide Boutielle Secondary

C-3 Dunnator School (La Pansee Road)

C-4 Morne Du Don School

C-5 Upton’s Garden Girls Centre (Cedars)

Castries East – D

D-1 Bocage Government School

D-2 Entrepot Secondary School

D-3 Marchand Community Centre

D-4 (a) Marchand Combined School

D-4 (b) Marchand Parish Centre

D-5 (a) Mindoo Philip Park

D-5 (b) Cadet Pavillion

D-6 Police Auditorium

Castries Central – E

E1 Carmen Rene School (Sans Souci)

E-2 Anglican Infant School

E-3 Ave Maria Primary School

E-4 Canon Laurie Primary School

E-5 (a) Morne Du Don Lodge

E-5 (b) Rose Hill Community Centre

E-6 (a) Bene Perse Temple

E-6 (b) Leslie Land Mothers & Fathers Hall

Castries South – F

F-1 Geest Banana Shed (Faux  A Chaux)

F-2 Ciceron Combined School

F-3 La Croix Maingot (Hess) School

Anse La Raye /Canaries - G

G-1 Roseau Combined School

G-2 Millet Primary School

G-3 Anse La Raye Primary School

G-4 Canaries Primary School

Soufriere – H

H-1 Soufriere Primary School

H-2 Soufriere Infant School

H-3 Soufriere Town Hall

H-4 Etangs School

H-5 Bouton Combined School

H-6 Fond St Jacques Infant School

H-7 St. Phillip Primary School

Choisuel – I

I-1 Delcer Combined School

I-2 Mongouge Infant School

I-3 Choiseul Secondary School

I-4 Polinus Charles Dance Hall

I-5 Roblot Combined School

I-6 Daguard Combined School

I-7 Banana Inn Disco

I-8 Saltibus Combined School

I-Piaye Combined School

Laborie – J

J-1 Augier Combined School

J-2 Laborie Boys School

J-3 Laborie Infant School

J-4 La Grace Combined School

J-5 Teaser's Dance Hall (Banse)

Vieux Fort South – K

K-1 Vieux Fort Junior Primary School

K-2 Vieux Fort Infant School

K-3 Plain View Combined School

K-4 Vieux Fort Secondary Campus B

Vieux Fort North – L

L-1 Vigier Combined School

L-2 Pierrot Combined School

L-3 Belle View Combined School

L-4 Grace Combined School

Micoud South – M

M-1 Hugh Sammy's Hall, Dugard

M-2 Ti Rocher Multi-Purpose Centre

M-3 (a) Anse Ger Secondary School

M-3 (b) Blanchard Combined School

M-3 (c) Desruisseaux Combined School

Micoud North – N

N-1 Praslin Community Centre

N-2 Mon Repos Combined School

N-3 Patience Combined School

N-4 Micoud Parish Centre

N-5 Micoud Secondary School

Dennery South – O

O-1 La Caye Day Care Centre

O-2 Dennery Infant School

O-3 Dennery Secondary School

Dennery North – P

P-1 Grand Riviere Senior Primary School

P-2 Richfond Infant School

P-3 Derniere Riviere Combined School

P-4 La Ressource Combined School

P-5 Aux Lyon Combined School

Castries South East - Q

Q-1 Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

Q-2 Ti Rocher Combined School

Q-3 Bexon Primary School

Q-4 L’Abyee Community Centre

Q-5 Bexon Infant School

Q-6 Old La Croix Maingot School

Q-7 Odsan Combined School



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