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Christmas 2001 Message by

Mr. Brian Bernard Commissioner of Police

The Christmas Season is a time of giving and sharing love, as we reflect on the birth of Christ. However, for me, it is also a time for expressing my profound thanks to the general public and members of the Force for their support during the year

The year 2001 has been a challenging one for the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. During the past year the Force continued to take on a new look with the continuation of the Reform Process commenced the previous year. In so doing, the reform process has served as a vehicle for changing the attitudes of Officers. The changing of attitudes is also as a result of the intolerance showed against abuse and wrongdoing by the Management of the Force.

The intention clearly, is to encourage officers to be professional in their approach to the job. That is also clearly articulated in our Mission Statement, which reads as follows:

“The Mission of the Royal St Lucia Police Force is to provide a professional policing service and in partnership with all our communities, to create a safer environment for all the people in St Lucia.”

Moreover our Vision is that the Force be transformed into a professional Community Policing Service, providing Crime reduction, improve road safety and a safer environment for all.

This is our Mission and Vision for the future; how well we attain this must not only lie with the force but rather with every member of the St Lucian Community.

You would note in the foregoing, that our emphasis is on community Policing. As a Society we are all equally responsible for the safety and well being of all. The force is simple the official agency, which facilitates that process.

I have said in the past and will reiterate that Police cannot act in isolation and be successful.

In that regard, I implore every St Lucian to be steadfast in their support for the Royal St Lucia Police Force now and in the future. As a strong Police/community partnership is the single most valuable tool in combating and reducing crime in any society. It is that vital partnership that the Force will aggressively pursue in the future.

During the year 2001, while our statistics show a generally reduction in crime, there were some disturbing incidents of violent crime resulting from gang related activities connected to the menace known as the drug trade. It is indeed relieving that on every occasion, the Royal St Lucia Police was well positioned to provide an adequate response to discourage any continuance and in some cases eliminating the threats completely. I must emphasize, that this was not accomplished alone but rather with strong support from both the political directorate and the communities affected.

Generally, we have seen a reduction in Crime, more so during the period preceding the Festive season. I wish to implore you therefore, to maintain that sprit of peace, at all times showing love, friendship, and charity and continuously showing respect for others and their properties.

To the Gazetted officers and other ranks of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, I say thank you for your support during the year and look forward to your continued support as we reshape and reposition our force to face the numerous challenges that lay ahead.

Indeed 2001 have been successful in many ways although there were some disturbing situations. That notwithstanding, the true test of our character as a force, is the manner in which we deal with those situations and ever remembering that our core values are, that we are responsible for protecting constitutional guarantees and impartially enforcing the law. In so doing, it is our belief that integrity is the basis of public trust and that honesty and equality in the delivering of policing services are essential. We are all proud to be a member of the force and will work together with the community to deliver a professional policing service. We commit ourselves to upholding these values and to foster cooperation and respect within our society.

With this let me wish all member of the St Lucian Community and the Officers and other ranks of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, their families and loved ones a joyful and merry Christmas and a productive New year.

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