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This is the season of good cheer - the season of peace and love, a time for extending best wishes and goodwill to each other.

I know that this might be difficult times for some, but as a Christian nation let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. That whilst, the shopping, consumption of food and drink, and partying are integral parts of our St. Lucian culture of celebrating Christmas, we should not lose sight of the significance of this holy season, and that all our actions should be guided by the thought of the Christ child whose birth we celebrate at this time, and who came to bring cheer, peace and goodwill to all men.

On behalf of my family and myself, I wish all St. Lucians a peaceful and joyful Christmas - a Christmas filled with love for each other, especially among family members - let us share that joy of Christmas with each other regardless of class, creed or political affiliations. It is my hope that you can find true happiness this festive season, irrespective of your personal circumstance, and that there will be true peace and contentment in your hearts.

I extend warm Christmas greetings especially to the people of Babonneau. I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for having placed your confidence in me and electing me to be their parliamentary representative. As we face the challenging times ahead - and we in St. Lucia are not unique in this respect, let us not give up hope - let us look to the future with a positive attitude. Our attitude for the future should be one of conserving our resources - mindful of unnecessary overspending during this season, and redoubling our efforts toward working together for the development of our community and nation.

This festive season, let us not forget those less fortunate in our community, the sick and the shut-ins among us, those who need a smile, or perhaps a visit from us; who need a Christmas cheer - this is after all what Christmas is all about - a time for love, a time for sharing, a time for peace and goodwill.

Fellow St. Lucians, and in particular the people of Babonneau - at the recent elections, you gave the St. Lucia Labour Party a mandate to govern our country for the next term, and you also provided me with an opportunity as a member of that party to serve you. I pledged then, a pledge which I reiterate here and now, to do my utmost best in providing quality representation - but you should not expect miracles to happen overnight - I cannot give of my best without your cooperation and understanding - so I ask you again, as I did before, to work along with me during my tenure to bring you the kind of collaborative and participatory representation that will transform our community. To this end, I have issued invitations to all the key organisations, viz. the mothersí/fathersí groups, the farmers, parent/teacher associations, truckers, Club 60 etc., for a series of meetings to forge a common vision for Babonneauís development. To you all collectively, I wish for a restful holiday season and look forward to our planned meetings early in the New year, as we strategise on the way forward,

At this time I wish the Hon. Prime Minister, other colleague ministers, parliamentarians, members of the opposition parties, and their families a very joyous Christmas, and a New Year filled with Godís richest blessings.

I also take this opportunity to wish my new found family at the Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities a very Joyous Christmas and I look forward to a harmonious and productive working relationship in the New Year.

Thank you and May God bless you.

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