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Good evening my brothers and sisters of Laborie Village, Augier, Caten, En bas Campeche, Maganier, Morne Vert, Banse/La Grace, Adoodo, Chatnay, Olebo, Morne Paul, Beranger and La Haut.

For many reasons, it is indeed a time for celebration, for the expression of joy and gratitude on a multiplicity of levels.

We have in very recent times successfully gone through a general election process, which on the basis of the results, was an absolute vindication of the policies, programmes, vision and attitude of the Government of the St. Lucia Labour Party.

And in this scenario of palpable success and mellifluous vindication the constituency of Laborie, like Vieux Fort North, has maintained its enlightened historical posture. The flag of Labour flies aloft the edifice of loyalty and commitment that this special constituency has built from time immemorial. And so in recognition of this sublime continuity I would, at this time, like to thank all those who in so many ways were instrumental in ensuring our traditional successes at the polls. And by so doing clothing me in the historicity of this event, since I am now the only District Representative that has represented the Constituency of Laborie for three consecutive terms.

This victory is sweet : but the responsibilities are onerous. There is still a lot to be done/ to be achieved before Laborie can find its rightful place in the constellation of the stars.

So ere this term comes to an end the following projects should be impacting most positively on the quality of life and the developmental processes in Laborie :

i. The completed Rudy John Beach Park

ii. The Laborie Jetty

iii. The Laborie Administrative Centre

iv. The Morne Le Blanc Residential Project

v. The Augier Human Resource Development Centre

vi. The Majomel Pre-School and

vii. The La Grace Playing field and Human Resource Development Centre

Of course, the electrification and road refurbishment programmes will continue as usual.

This coming year must evince a functional an ubiquitous concern for the plight of the unemployed and marginalized youth in our community. Programmes need to be devised and implemented by all sectors of the society, so that this generation of young people can be better positioned to assume the mantle of leadership that inexorably will descend upon them with the passage of time. The future must be safe-guarded. And what we do with and for our youth at this time will determine whether we enjoy the praise, or are deserving of the obloquy, of future generations.

In the resolution of our many diverse problems, we must come together as a community, a people and as a nation. For it is only by the concrete expression of a functional solidarity that we will be able to deal, and successfully so, with the challenge of this millennium in all of its parochial and globalised aspects.

The healing process necessitated by a divisive election experience must begin. The balkanization of our community and sectoral interests must cease ; and a wholesome togetherness must prevail.

And so, it is in this spirit of Christian love and charity that I request of you to embrace each other with all the Christmas cheer that is indeed possible.

Life has one aim : to be lived. And it is an art to live it well. And to acquire that art one must open up one's heart to life : not merely to delight in it, but to embrace in sublime communion your brothers and sisters of His Everlasting Soul. So hold on to each other and march across this pages of your lives in love and with love.

And so with these few words I wish you my people of Laborie in particular, and all St. Lucians, wherever you may be, and to all our brothers and sisters throughout this universe, a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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