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1) The Medal of Honour of the Order of Saint Lucia herein called the "Medal of Honour" may be awarded in connection with the Order to any person who:

a) has rendered eminent service of national importance to Saint Lucia, or

b) has performed an outstanding brave or humane act to a national of Saint Lucia or other country.


(a) The Medal of Honour may be awarded in Gold or Silver.

(b) The Medal of Honour when awarded under sub-paragraph 1(b) of this Article shall be awarded in Gold only for acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril; and shall be awarded in Silver only for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

Awards in any of these categories shall not be limited in any year nor included in the determination of any quota set by this Constitution.

c) The Medal of Honour may be awarded posthumously when awarded under sub-clause 1(b) of this Article but a deceased recipient does not become a member of the Order.

3) Subject to the provisions of 2(b) The Governor General may award the Saint Lucia Medal of Honour to no more than three persons in any one class on the institution of the Order; and not more than two in either-of the Classes in any one year.

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