Continuos Quality Improvement
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Continuos Quality Improvement

Working group objective:

Examine mechanisms to implement a structured and sustainable quality system.

Table 4 Continuos Quality Improvement




The need for appropriate organizational structures












The need for appropriate regulatory systems



























The need for appropriate Information Systems





The need for an effective communication system and structure

Develop a coherent organizational structure with clear lines of reporting and authority.











Develop appropriate regulatory systems



























Develop an information system that ensures timely and quality information is made available to all managers and at all levels of the health system


Develop an effective communication system and structure that ensures quality and timely communication through appropriate channels



Organize service in identifiable functional units defined on the basis of output as perceived by clients

Decentralize appropriate authority for action at all levels- institutional, local , national, regional

Establish an authority figure in each unit at all levels. This head will be accountable for the quality of care provided


Establish professional self-regulatory bodies (peer review) for medical and nursing staff

Establish professional staff regulations

Establish quality units that are multidisciplinary and representative at different levels within institutions

Identify indicators of standards and set time frames within which to achieve those standards

Develop appropriate standards of care and ultimately a patient charter of rights and responsibilities

Document a complaints resolution mechanism that proceeds in a hierarchical manner e.g. peer review, administration, Ministry of Health, licensing and accreditation body.

Make available to all heads three main categories of information i.e. financial, clinical and administrative.

Institute an appropriate information system that provides timely, quality information on process and outcome indicators to allow for standard development and monitoring within health institutions

Formalize mechanisms to improve communications:

written and verbal referral systems for health professionals

structured and regular meetings for staff

multi-disciplinary social interaction in the health sector

Establish clear lines of reporting and authority at all levels of the health sector.


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