Health Information
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Health Information

Working group objective:

Provide a comprehensive analysis of the issues surrounding the existing Health Information System.

Table 5 Health Information




Information for selecting/ planning priority programs












































Information for evaluation of the quality of care and performance






















Dissemination of information between the government and the public
























Undocumented network of resource persons for management of health information.
































Enhance the training and selection of health professionals and increase the data analysis capacity of the Ministry of Health









































Establish quality control mechanism























Formalize linkages between different sectors of the government and the private sector





















Document network of resource persons for the management of health information









Training of personnel in Epidemiology to improve the capacity to analyze and report on the occurrences of diseases prevalent in the community and on emerging infections.

Increase the frequency of analysis of data and reporting of health programs by managers

Create a culture for using information for planning within the Ministry of Health

Develop and maintain diseases registers for hypertension, diabetes and selected cardiovascular diseases

Automate and standardize discharge and admission data at the hospitals to facilitate analysis and reporting at the local and central levels

Develop linkages by intranet to enable sharing of information

Standardization of Reporting:

Establishment of a frequency of reporting within the health sector.

Standardization of data elements.

Develop systems for collection and analysis of administrative data at the central and local levels.

Budget and financial management

Human Resources management and training.


Supplies, facilities and equipment management

Research and Documentation management


Establish a quality unit within the Ministry of Health to monitor and evaluate quality of care

Select and develop appropriate instruments to measure processes and outcome of care delivered to the public

Select and develop appropriate instruments to evaluate:

Effectiveness of care

Access/ availability of care

Patient satisfaction

Utilization of service

Cost of care


Conduct needs assessment surveys periodically

Establish links with external stake holders and the media

Determine resource requirements and develop mechanisms for information flow and feed back e.g. Mass Media produces outbreak alert reports -and reports on the operations of health institutions :

Establish a department to deal with

the mass media

Facilitate linkages with the external stakeholders

Establish a Health Information Committee to direct and advise on health information flow, processes, etc. and to guide the mass media



Establish a Health Information "Hotline"

- Develop mechanisms for feedback and complaints

Establish a network of resource persons to include:

Public Sector

Community Health Nurses, Environmental Health, Dental Health Service

Laboratories, District Medical Officers

Medical Records, Personnel, Casualty Department

Infection Control Nurses

Administrative Departments

Central and District Registers

Government Statistical office

National Insurance Office

Ministry of Agriculture (Veterinary health)

Labour Department (Occupational health)


Medical Practitioners

Medical and Dental Association

Health Related NGO Organizations (Cancer Society, Diabetic Assn., etc.)

Private Laboratories

Private Hospitals


OECS Drug Procurement Unit

Pharmacists Association

Providers of Medical Insurance

Mass Media

Regional/international Health Organizations (PAHO, CAREC)

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