National Health Service Plan
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National Health Service Plan

Working group objective:

Provide strategies for the enhancement of the National Health Services Plan.

Table 7. National Health Service Plan

Issues Recommendations Strategies
Assessing priority areas for the National Health Service Plan Identify critical areas of concern for planning and development There should be emphasis on:

Prevention and Health Promotion

Community involvement

Inter-sectoral collaboration

Client Focused Care

Greater accountability in the private and public sector


What type of plans are essential for providing quality of service? Adopt the most cost effective types of plans that would ensure quality of care Integrate Secondary and Primary Care Service Plans in order to sustain quality care.


Development of Primary Care Service Plans





  Establish systematic primary care to promote the structured development of primary care. For example at the ministerial level the following ministries can form a committee to more adequately address critical areas of economic and social concern surrounding health. They are as follows:

Health, Human Services -to deal with all health issues

Education and Human Resource Development - for the education of the entire population especially women since they are an integral part of the social and economic development of the country.



Agriculture- for the provision of food consistent with good nutrition.

Prime Minister’s Office-for information Dissemination

Communication and Works- to supervise infrastructural development.

How should the clinical aspect of primary care be managed Improve management systems and provide health care workers with greater responsibilities in managing care.




There should be;

Clinical protocols and procedures to ensure uniformity of care and its continuity.

Ease of referrals through out the system.

Emphasis on wellness promotion

Greater participation of community doctors and auxillary staff in planning and development.

Development of Secondary Care Service Plans Increase range of service provided under Secondary Care. Secondary Service Plans should be supplemented with:

New infrastructure, eg. Polyclinics

Ambulance Services

Reorient Community Based Services focusing on the needs of the:



mentally ill

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