Human Resource Development
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Human Resource Development

Working Group Objective:

Develop strategies for Human Resource Development in Health Sector

Table 6 Human Resource Development




Inadequate training and inappropriate selection of government employees


Poor working environment for health workers




Poor moral and lack of involvement of workers in the management decision making process


Irrelevant job description of employees



Employees turnover





Inadequate evaluation of the skills and level of performance of workers


Poor work ethic amongst public sector employees

Develop medium to long term staffing plans for public health institutions


Strengthen occupational health and safety procedures




Focus should be on participatory management and reward systems aimed at increasing productivity



Develop appropriate job description of employees



Institute mechanisms to maintain and attract a high calibre of workers



Strengthen performance management activities in the public and private health sector

Increase public/private sector interaction



Ministry appoints a selection committee and develops a 5 year priority list

Ministry should improve working environment within health institution in terms of functional tools, equipment etc.


Enhance employee motivation through recognition programs and improved benefits and compensation packages.


Expand job description of workers aligned with organizational goals


Provide continuos recruitment programs linked with a strong marketing and public relation initiatives


Conduct regular staff

performance appraisals



Establish programs that would provide the avenue to exchange workers between the public and private sector

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