Hon. Sarah Lucy Flood-Beaubrun Minister for Home Affairs and Gender Relations and Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central
Home Up Hon. Dr. Kenny Davis Anthony Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, International Financial Services, Economic Affairs and Information and Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South Hon. Philip J. Pierre Minister for Commerce, Tourism, Investment and Consumer Affairs and Parliamentary Representative for Castries East Hon. Felix Finisterre Minister for Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities and Parliamentary Representative for Babonneau Hon. Sarah Lucy Flood-Beaubrun Minister for Home Affairs and Gender Relations and Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central Hon. Damian E. Greaves Minister for Health, Human Services, and Family Affairs and Parliamentary Representative for Dennery South Senator The Hon. Calixte George Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Leader of Government Business Hon. Velon L. John Minister for Labour Relations, Public Service, and Co-operatives and Parliamentary Representative for Laborie Hon. Menissa M. Rambally Minister for Social Transformation, Culture and Local Government and Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East Hon. Cyprian Lansiquot Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Parliamentary Representative for Anse La Raye / Canaries Hon. Theophilus Ferguson John Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul Hon. Arsene James Leader of the Opposition and Parliamentary Representative for Micoud South


Fellow citizens of St. Lucia and in particular my constituents of Castries Central .

This wonderful time of Christmas is here with us once again. This year we seem to have begun the process of celebration earlier than usual; some say that this is our way of relaxing after a strenuous and stressful 2003.
Whatever the reason, it is important that we do not lose sight of exactly what it is that we are celebrating that day two millennia ago when Christ was born.

I would like to extend the warmest of wishes to my constituents and the people of St. Lucia. I thank you for your tremendous support throughout 2003. In the past few months the encouragement I have received for my stand on abortion has been nothing short of overwhelming. This gives me the courage to know that the majority of our people support, even if silently, the proposition that governance can be a principled task.

I am now aware, however long it takes, that a new approach to politics can be possible in the Caribbean, politics that is not just filled with promises but with a realized potential that improves the quality of our lives, creates employment for our talented people, improves our internal security and mends rather than destroys our social fabric.

This is the dawn of a new year - 2004. There were many challenges this year both internationally and locally and even more in all probability will have to be faced in the next. Key to resolving these problems is first of all admitting that we have issues to solve and then applying the political will to get the job done. We as a citizenry must also fully come to grips with what we are facing in terms of the development of our society and make an attempt to stand up for what is required for us to improve this country of ours.

For this coming year I wish peace and a cessation in criminal activities plaguing our nation. Whilst the coming of Christ assures us that peace, his own journey on earth tells us that nothing good comes without suffering, sacrifice and hard work. We as a people must work hand in hand to ensure that we build strong families, fight fearlessly against the social ills which provide the breeding ground for crime and stand up for what we know in our hearts is the right path to tread.

And Christians, we who profess to believe in the true story of Christmas must remember that even Christ himself gave us the example of praying hard and working hard as both sides of the same coin. Prayer alone is never enough, it is only one part of the formula. We must work and fight for what we believe in both within our individual lives and for our country. Let this Christmas be a new beginning. Let us no longer continue to have limited dreams and to accept a poor quality of life as our unfortunate lot on Earth. It is time for us to raise the bar as to what we accept is possible in this country of ours.

In this new year, I also hope for more employment opportunities for our young people in particular, some of whom who had an extremely challenging 2003 and who have ended the year in a depressed mood.

I remember too at this time all our women and children who continue to struggle to live violent free lives, the family and friends of Verlinda Joseph and Giselle Georges who will see the dawn of another year without closure to the quiet pain they suffer each day.

Many of us spoke in 2003 of crime and the internal security of St. Lucia as though it was some mystical state which has nothing to do with us. We must remember that this involves the very security of our home environments which we need to ensure the security of our children, spouses , parents, and other relatives. We must all work together to ensure in this regard that 2004 is vastly different from 2003.

To my constituents in Castries Central. On December 3, 2001, you again placed your trust and confidence in me by giving me another opportunity to serve you. Working together in the constituency during the past year, we have had a number of successes which have benefited us collectively in different communities.

From the clean up campaigns we had in Conway and Barnard Hill, to the footpaths and bridges we were able to build and commission in Georgeville and Lastic Hill; the many one to one discussions we had, the individual problems we were able tackle by putting our heads together whether we met at the constituency office, at a private meeting or on the street or sidewalk . I feel privileged to have earned your trust and that you felt secure enough to share even your most intimate problems with me . I will continue in the coming year to strive to serve you even better . We have unfinished business to complete in 2004 which will have to be accomplished as a joint effort at the community level.

I wish you and your families a bright and merry Christmas and a truly peaceful New Year.


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