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Fellow Saint Lucians
My brothers and sisters of the Dennery South constituency

Let me offer you Christmas greetings and best wishes during this yuletide period.

I wish you peace, progress and prosperity and very good health for the coming year, 2004.

Last year, I made an appeal that we emphasize the spiritual things of life during the Christmas season. This year, I urge you to do likewise and I submit further, that we must all thank god for the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us and for the protection, guidance and preservation that he has offered us during a rather difficult 2003.

Once again, I encourage deep reflection over the past twelve months which can best be described as progressive, yet challenging in many ways. I want to reiterate that I believe our country Saint Lucia, is a blessed country. We have been spared the ravages of natural disaster and the full wrath of any hurricane or storm; but we must not be complacent as there are many challenges ahead.

I believe that together we must continue to pursue our individual, community and national developmental goals. Furthermore, we must continue to be devoted, understanding and embracing, thus displaying the true value and meaning of our existence. This means that we must continue to trust and love each other which I believe is the foundation in making our country stronger and more resilient.

Crime of a different nature to what we have been experiencing over the years continues to concern me and I again exhort my fellow countrymen; let us strengthen our resolve to be more vigilant and to develop a sense of self security/self protection against those who continue to engage in heinous crimes and in certain callous acts that threaten to destabilize our peaceful communities.

Matters of personal security and community action cannot be over emphasized. We must raise our consciousness in this regard. Our entire nation must return to consciousness.

I urge that as a Christian society we, during the festive period, demonstrate compassion, tolerance as well as love for our neighbours. We must learn to accept each other for what we are.

At this time, I would like to thank all of you for your support during this year, 2003 and I would specially like to thank the members of staff of the ministry of health, human services and family affairs including management and administration, all staff members of our hospitals and health centres including our doctors, nurses, community health aides, nursing assistants, domestic assistants, orderlies/handymen, security personnel and all others who have contributed in one way or another to the health of our nation.

I also wish to thank the various NGOs attached to our ministry which complement the work of the ministry of health, human services and family affairs in its endeavour to provide timely and quality services to our people.

Our ministry, like other organizations, has had its periods of difficulty this year; but I submit that your initiative, sacrifice and commitment in less than favourable circumstances continue to stand out. I wish to thank all of you for your patience, sacrifice, dedication, commitment and industry.

To my brothers and sisters of the Dennery South constituency, I thank you once again for your support and your confidence in me. Gradually, we are edging away at our heavy development agenda for the Dennery South constituency, as we seek to modernize our community.

I know your greatest concern at this time is the frequent shortage of water and the inconsistent rationing that you continue to suffer. Efforts are now being made to rectify this situation.

Your water project has been finalized and will cost an estimated $5.5 million which will take into account
The following:
 Supplementing the existing water intake by pumping water from the main errard river to increase supplies in the dry season.
 Increasing the raw water transmission line to eight (8) inches to convey the increased supplies to the filtration plant.
 Upgrading the water treatment plant to increase water production to 500,000 gallons per day.
 Rehabilitation of the existing water distribution network in the village and environs.

The idea is to provide a reliable and top quality supply for a period of over 20 to 25 years. My brothers and sisters in Lumiere, I know your difficulty and your suffering with the condemnation of the bridge. As I announced to you before, we are in possession of a new bridge and it is my hope that early next year, works will begin regarding the installation of this new bridge to ease your situation.

My young people in La Caye, you have not been forgotten as plans are afoot for the construction of your multi-purpose court which is a collaborative effort between our community and the poverty reduction fund. A costing and project proposal have been completed.

Our Dennery football field is at last nearing completion, such that numerous matches falling under various national competitions, are now being played on this new facility and I know that people living in the Dennery village are proud of this.

I must mention that one of the projects which we will be working on, would be the Dennery sea wall and drainage works due to commence sometime next year. There is also the promised commencement of the hotel project between the Anse Gala and Praslin areas sometime next year, 2004.

Through these two (2) projects, among others, there is hope of relief for some of our people who are at present unemployed. Let me again thank all of you for your support this year and I firmly believe that the challenges ahead can be met through the principles of hard work and unity. Let us allow god to guide us and let us remain united in our hearts with one another. Allow me once again to solicit your patience and support.

Fellow Saint Lucians, let us show graciousness towards one another, especially to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Let this Christmas season be one characterized by caring and sharing. Let it be characterized by our resolve to stay away from excesses and let us endeavour to have a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable season.

Once again, have a spirit filled, peaceful, enjoyable and productive 2004.

Mé fwé ék sé constituency Dennery South, tout sent lisyen kon mwen menm;

Mwen ka swété bonn nwél ék tout sa kI bon diwan sézon-an.

Mwen ka swété’w lapé, pogwé ék bon santé pou lanné pochen, dé mil kat.

Lanné pasé mwen fé an apél pou nou mété jézI adan lavI nou diwan sézon nwél. Mwen ka viwé mandé’w pou fé menm bagay-la ankó.

Mwen ka mandé’w pou wimésyé dyé pou sa I ja ba nou kon potéksyon, djíd ék pwézévasyon diwan lanné-a kité byen difisil.

Mwen kwé sent lisI sé an péyI kI bennI kon bondyé ja fé nou mantjé go dézas kon hurricane, mé sa pa vlé dI nou nI pou ladj’e gad you.

Ansanm, nou nI pou twavay kon endividi, konmin ék an nasyon pou wivé koté nou vlé wivé.

Ék pou nou sa bay lavI nou plI valé, nou nI pou kopwann, anbwasé ék enmen yonn-a-lót.

Zafé kwim an péyi-a sé yonn kI ka anbété mwen anchay, ék mwen ka enkouwajé tout moun pou tjenn gad yo asou sé kwiminél-la kI sanm vlé mété nou an tout sé tI konmin-la a wis.
Zafé sikiwité pou kó nou ék pou konmin nou sé yonn kI byen enpótan. Annou moutjwé konpasyoun ék lanmityé pou vwazinaj nou diwant sézon fét sala.

Mwen vlé wimésyé zót tout pou sipó-a zót ba mwen diwan lanné isi, dé mil twa, ék an patikilé twavajé minis santé, sevis humanité, s’e lopital-la, health centre, nós, dókté, ward maid, handy-man afen tout, tout, tout moun kI kay bay sévis santé. Nou tout ka twavay ansanm pou fé santé péyi-a plI méyé.

Mwen osI vlé wimésyé sé diféwan organnizasyon-an kI ka twavay épI minis santé ék sévis humanité kI ka wéndé minis-la délivwé an bon sévis pou jan péyi-a.

Minis nou, kon népot organnnizasyon té nI anchay difikilté lanné sala, mé mwen kwé kI inichatif, konmitman ék sakwéfis an tan difikilté ka kléwé ék mwen ka wimesyé zót tout pou sa.

Sé jan konstituency Dennery South, mwen ka wimésyé’w pou konfyans-la ou nI an mwen. PitI an piti, nou ka fé sé pojé dévelopman konstituency-a.

Mwen sav plI go poblem-ou sé glo kI paka kouwI an siténn-la.

Zafé pojé glo-a ja finalizé ék I kay kouté plis kI senk milyon dóla.

Antansyon nou sé pou bay jan konstituency-a bon kalité glo kI wélayab pou apwéchan venn senk lanné.

Fwé ék sé lumiere, mwen sav zot ka soufé san an pon pou twavésé, mé nou nI an pon ék mwen ka éspéwé kI bonné lanné pochen, twavay kay koumansé asou’y.

Se jennes la cay-la, mwen póko obliyé zót. Nou ja nI plan-an pou koumansé fasilité spó-a kI kay fét ansanm épI konmin-la ék poverty reduction fund.
Téwen football Dennery-an kay finI touswit ék déja anpil go konpitisyon ka tjenn la.

Mwen osI vlé mansyonnen pojé bawad lanmé-a kI kay koumansé lanné pochen. Osi, mwen nI éspwa kI hotel-la ant anse gala ék praslin kay koumansé lanné pochen, silon sa sé mét hotel-la ja pomet. Sé pojé sala kay asiwé kI la kay nI plI twavay pou sé moun-la kI paka twavay apwézan.

Mwen ka pwan lokazyon-an anko pou wimésyé tout moun pou sipo-a ék asiwé’w kI sI nou mété tét nou ansanm ék twavay wéd, nou sa wabat tout difikilté nou pé wékontwé.

Annou kité bondyé djidé nou ék annou sépawé ék moutjwé plI konpasyon ék lanmityé pou yon-a-lót diwan sézon sala.

Mwen ka swété tou moun an bon nwél ék pou lanné pochen wé’w ék santé ék lapé.

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