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Address by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony at the Investiture ceremony for Sir Allan Louisy

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Address by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

Investiture ceremony for Sir Allan F. L. Louisy

Government House March 31st, 2005.

Your Excellency!

I have often wondered why it is so easy to forget the accomplishments of our distinguished men and women.  It seems that in these times we forget the history that has created us, and the people who have helped to shape that history.

Sometimes I wonder whether we think that the achievements of these individuals are no longer relevant to our times; that we need to move on, as it were. Sometimes I wonder whether we are so preoccupied with the challenges that face us on a daily basis; it is not worth going into the past. Sometimes too, I wonder whether there are those among us who are anxious to disown the history that created us, to as it were, engage in amnesia, and forget the past. Sometimes too I wonder whether it is because in delving into the past we do not find enough to glorify, to praise and to give honour to.

Yet Sir Alan Louisy in his own life confirms that there is every reason why we have to celebrate the men and women among us who have helped to shape this country. Look at Sir Allan, a trade unionist, a founding member of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union, a president of the Civil Service Association, a lawyer, a registrar, a magistrate, an acting administrator, a high court judge, an acting court of appeal judge, and then a prime minister of Saint Lucia.

It is an extraordinary life by any means or methods you choose to measure the man.  Perhaps Sir Allan must bear some of the blame. Not deliberately in any way, but perhaps the very character of the man himself prevents him from advertising his extraordinary accomplishments. Allan Louisy is a simple man, self effacing, extraordinary and humble.  And humility does not allow you to advertise yourself or accomplishments.

In all my conversations with Sir Allan Louisy, never once have I heard him go back to his past on what he has achieved or created for this country.  This simple man was at home with kings and equally at home with the ordinary people of his village and of his country.

I recall there was a time some among us ridiculed him because he loved his game of dominos, and that he sought refuse, pleasure and joy by engaging while he was Prime Minister, in the occasional game of dominos with the citizens of his community.  But yet that simple act, that simple act of Allan demonstrated how he loved Laborie that created and produced him, but more important than that, the pleasures he could obtain from the simple people around him and his community. I think, in that there is a powerful legacy, that no matter what we achieve in our own lives, let us never ever forget the community that created us, the people that helped to shape our lives, and the people who give meaning to who we are and what we are.

Unfortunately for Sir Allan many people remember him for the turbulent years when he was Prime Minister of this country and who know history will redeem him and be kind to him.  There are some of us here today who are familiar with that history and understand that history, and who some day would want to express their views about that history and the role of Sir Allan Louisy.  I certainly will leave the rest to history but say this; that whatever action Sir Allan took in those days, given what we know about the integrity of men today, albeit with the assistance of hindsight, Sir Alan did the right thing for this country.

Ladies and gentlemen let us look to the future, let us continue to wish Sir Allan a good and joyous life, let us continue to wish him good health, let us also join together in congratulating him and his family with whom he has stood by very close over the years.

The Louisy family has been an extraordinary family and has helped to shape this country too in so many ways.

Sir Allan we thank you for your service, we thank you for what you have done for the people of Saint Lucia, and we thank you for being simply Sir Allan Louisy but to all of us affectionately as simply Allan.

I look forward Sir Allan to seeing you soon and who knows allow me to play a game of dominos with you and make sure you get the sapat you have not received in many years.


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