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Statement by Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny D. Anthony on the Acts of Terrorism in the United States

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On behalf of all St. Lucians here and abroad and especially in New York and Washington D.C., we express our collective dismay and horror at the unprecedented tragedy unfolding in the United States, in the aftermath of what appears to be a concerted terrorist attack on that country.  This horror may well inflict pain on St. Lucian families as unconfirmed reports suggest St. Lucians were employed at the World Trade Centre.


Our country shares the deep sense of loss which these brutal and senseless assaults have visited upon all humanity.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and relatives of all who have been touched or traumatised by these inane acts.


Even here in St. Lucia where we take our normally peaceful lives for granted, we reach out to the many St. Lucians who live and work in US cities.  Moreover, we know that each summer many St. Lucians travel to the United States hoping to reunite with friends, family and loved ones. 


The tragedy which these events have wrought therefore remind us of our own vulnerabilities in a world where stark economic and political imbalances continue to exist.


As St. Lucians we should be aware of the possible effect this will have upon or economy, as these events affect the willingness of US citizens to travel abroad.  It is also possible that there will be temporary disruptions in world tourism, travel, trade, banking and communications.


Socially, we are reminded of horror which recently overtook our own society when we lost loved ones in an act of unprecedented violence, by persons who believed themselves to be on the fringes of society and who also chose to express their marginalization in radical and unacceptable ways.


No doubt, around the world and here in St. Lucia where many Americans will be touched by this tragedy, we need to be aware of potential risks and be somewhat more security conscious, though not ourselves becoming victims of paranoia.  


As images of this despicable act invade our homes, offices and indeed our national consciousness, we join our sympathies and prayers to those of the many millions whose lives have today been irrevocably altered.  


GIS, September 11, 2001



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