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Statement by the Prime Minister on Hurricane Jose - October 19, 1999

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Statement by the Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony on Hurricane Jose.

My fellow St. Lucians, brothers and sisters, fwe ek se,

On Monday afternoon I met with the National Emergency Management Organisation to review island-wide preparation for the approaching Hurricane Jose.

I am pleased to report to you that everyone is in a state of readiness. All indications are that we are ready for any emergency that may arise as a result of the passage of this Hurricane.

As you are aware, all schools have been closed until further notice. Also, principals of schools who are managers of designated shelters have been asked to ensure that all shelters are ready if they are needed.

Leave has been cancelled for all those who work with our essential services, for example, the police and fire services. I have been assured that our utility companies are prepared for any eventuality.

Every effort is being made to secure the safety of those now at our hospitals. I met this morning with officials of the Ministry of Health and hospital administrators. They have given me a full report on the prevailing conditions and state of readiness of hospitals and health centres. They have assured me that all necessary arrangements are being made to protect our patients and medical facilities.

Fwe ek se, moun Sent Lisi.

Lendi apwe midi, mwen jwen epi se moun-an ki wesponsab pou zafe desas. Le la ni bagay kon hurricane, se se moun sa la ki ka fe asiwe nou pwepawe. Mwen sa di tout moun nou pawe.

Kon ou sav, nou ja feme tout lekol. Nou ja mande tout polis pou soti asou lif. Mwen ja mande tout moun ki wesponsab pou plas moun sa ale si move tan vini, pou ale fe asiwe se plas-la pawe.

Bon maten-an, mwen jwen epi moun ki ni wesponsabilite pou lopital. Yo ban mwen wapo asou leta se lopital-la. Yo di mwen tout bagai an plas pou pwotekte moun ki an lopital.

Officials of the Ministry of Tourism have also reported on the arrangements in place to ensure the safety of guests at the various hotels – both large and small properties.

Those responsible for ensuring that communications between St. Lucia and the outside world have reported that their radio systems have been tested and are ready.

This morning, Parliamentary Representative Mr. Philip Pierre visited the Black Mallet community. As you know they have been experiencing the effects of a serious land slippage, which has left major cracks in houses and in the surrounding land. I am ensuring that every effort is made to ensure the safety of those residents affected. Arrangements have already been made for the relocation of several residents. 11 families have been moved to Monier, Bisee, Morne Fortune, Balata, Bananes Bay, and Dennery.

The Government of St. Lucia is meeting all costs of transporting these families to their new homes. Initially, Government will also pay three months rent for all the families dislocated by this situation.

I have also requested the Ministry of Communications and Works to make an immediate survey of the Marchand River and the on-going work along its banks. I want to ensure that in the event of heavy flooding, there will be free passage for rushing water.

Residents of Black Mallet are encouraged to move to the Hurricane shelters for the passage of the storm. These are located at Marchand Combined School and the Hess School.

Bon Maten-an, Misye Philip Pierre visite se moun Black Mallet. Kon ou sav, la ni an mouvman te ki ka afekte se moun-an. Gouvedman ka fe tout efo pou ede se fami Black Mallet. Wonz fami ja soti. Yo ja ale Monier, Bise, Morne Fortune, Balata, Bananes ek Dennery.

Gouvedman ka peye twanspo pou yo pote se bagai yo soti. Gouvedman ka peye twa mwa lweyay pou se moun ki afecte pa situasyon sa la.

Osi, mwen ja mande Minis kom’nikasyon pou ale we situasion-an epi la wivye Marchand.

Misye Pierre ka mande se moun Black Mallet pou ale an se shelta-an ek pou wete la le Jose ka pase. Se shelta-an se lekol Marchand Combined ek lekol Hess.

This morning also, I met in a special sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers. I have reported to them on the state of readiness of St. Lucia for this storm. Ministers and Parliamentary representatives will of course be surveying for themselves the situation in the communities of the constituencies they represent.

Throughout the day, in fact from 6 a.m., various disaster preparedness committees have been meeting all around the island. I encourage you to work with your local committees and to give them your full cooperation.

At yesterday’s meeting with the National Emergency Management Organisation, the Leader of the Opposition was represented by Mr. Romanus Lansiquot. Mr. Lansiquot expressed his satisfaction with the reports given by members of the National Emergency Organisation. He pledged, on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition, the full cooperation of the opposition in meeting any eventuality. This morning, the Office of the Prime Minister provided a further update on the situation to Mr. Louis George.

Also present at yesterday’s meeting was Commander Mike Pearey of the British warship, HMS Cumberland. Commander Pearey pledged his full support to the people and Government of St. Lucia wherever needed.

Chef Oposisyon Misye George te voye Misye Romanus Lansiquot pou wepwesente’y ye an meeting-la. Misye Lansiqout di I byen satisfe epi tout awangeman-an. Osi, nou te ni an chef nan bato gouvedman Langlite. Misye-a pwomet nou I kay fe sa I pe pou ede nou si move tan-an afekte nou.

Fe zafe’w bone. Pas wete pou lanwit pou soti achte bagai. Fe asiwe kai-ou byen pwepawe. Koute radyo pou nouvel asou move tan-an.

I want to urge you once again, to take every precaution against severe weather, for although we may be spared the direct impact of Hurricane Jose, we may experience heavy rains, high seas and stronger than normal winds as a result of the close passage of this system. Continue to monitor your radios and televisions for the various advisories that will be issued by the officials of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and the Government Information Service.

Please take all warnings seriously. This is not a time for sightseeing or sea bathing.

God bless and good day.


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