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Taxi Week 1999 - November 10, 1999

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Message From Prime Minister Hon. Dr Kenny D. Anthony To

The National Taxi Council

On The Occasion Of

National Taxi Week 1999

I have heard of declarations of National Days for many things, some of which, frankly, donít yet necessarily require such designation. But, without a doubt, observance of a National Taxi Week is indeed something worth celebrating.

National Taxi Week is important for many reasons, the first being the importance of nationís taxi drivers themselves. The services they provide are special and unique, serving both our people and our visitors.

They are the ones who take us and our visitors safely from Point A to Point B -- very much in style and comfort these days. They are the ones who show the beauty of our island to our visitors and leave the type of lasting impressions that make them want to come back again and again.

This valuable service to our nation and people by our taxi drivers requires a special touch, a special commitment that we should all emulate. They love their country and they are good at their job, which is why we must appreciate the reasons to join and celebrate with our taxi drivers during this week.

The contribution of our taxi drivers to the tourism industry and the national economy is also very significant. Some would not acknowledge it, but our tourism industry cannot be what it is without our taxi drivers.

Driving in a company bus is a different experience altogether, nothing like being driven by a taxi driver who knows his country, his people, the politics, the culture, the right places to meet the right people for the rights things. In fact, our taxi drivers, because of who they are and what they represent, constitute a vital component of our tourism product and a vital part of the success of our tourism industry.

My Administration continues to be proud of the progress being made by taxi drivers Ė and drivers on the whole Ė in organising themselves for their own progress and development.

The hosting of National Taxi Week with the purpose of facilitating greater socialisation among taxi drivers and to allow the public to focus on your contribution to our society is a commendable way of highlighting who our taxi drivers really are, as well as why and how important they are to our nation.

We shall continue to work with our taxi drivers and their associations, including the National Taxi Council, in the interest of further development and conslidation of their organisational efforts. We shall continue to respond favourably to their requests for assistance and we shall continue to insist that the nationís taxi drivers have and secure their place in the tourism industry.

We have proven our commitment to the nationís drivers and we again take the opportunity to reiterate that commitment to and empathy with them as we congratulate the National Taxi Council on this the very first celebration of National Taxi Week.

We wish you continuing success in the new decade, the new century and the new millennium

November 10, 1999

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