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DATE OF BIRTH: 8th January 1951

COUNTRY OF BIRTH: Saint Lucia, West Indies




1957 - 1959 River Doree Anglican Combined School, Saint Lucia

1959 - 1963 Kingstown Preparatory School, Kingstown, Saint Vincent

1963 - 1964 Laborie Boys School, Saint Lucia


1964 – 1968 Vieux Fort Senior Secondary School, Saint Lucia


1969 - 1971 Saint Lucia Teachers College, Saint Lucia

1973 - 1976 University of the West Indies

1981 - 1983 University of the West Indies

1983 - 1985 University of the West Indies

1985 – 1988 University of Birmingham, United Kingdom



bullet Qualified Teacher, Saint Lucia Teachers College, (UWI endorsed certificate. Graduated with seven (7) distinctions).
bullet Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple, England (called to the Bars of Saint Lucia and Barbados).


bullet B.Sc. Government and History (1st Class Hons.) — University of the West Indies (1976).
bullet LL.B. (1st Class Hons.) — University of the West Indies (1983).
bullet LL.M., University of the West Indies (1986)
bullet Ph.D., University of Birmingham, England (1988).


Sept. 1968 - July 1969 Teacher, Castries Anglican Primary School, Saint Lucia

Sept. 1971 - July 1973 Teacher, Vieux Fort Senior Secondary School, Saint Lucia

Sept. 1976 - July 1978 Teacher, Vieux Fort Senior Secondary School, Saint Lucia

Oct. 1978 - May 1979 Part-time Tutor, Introduction to Politics and Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Aug. 1979 - Dec. 1980 Special Advisor, Ministry of Education and Culture Saint Lucia

Dec. 1980 - March 1981 Minister of Education, Saint Lucia

Oct. 1981 - May 1983 Part-time Tutor, Introduction to Politics, University of The West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

Sept. 1984 - Sept. 1988 Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

Aug. 1989 - Sept. 1993 Lecturer and Head of Teaching Department of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

Oct. 1993 - Sept 1994 Director, Caribbean Justice Improvement Project, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

March 1995 April 1996 General Counsel, Caribbean Community Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana (on secondment from UWI)


Published Articles

  1. Dismissal at Pleasure: The History and Consequences of Its Abolition (1985), 6:1 West Indian Law Journal. 56.
  2. Legal Restraints on the Civic Rights of Caribbean Public Officers, (1983), 6:1 Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs 20.
  3. The Viability of the Civilist Tradition in Saint Lucia: A Tentative Appraisal, in R.A. Landry and E. Caparros (Editors) Essays on the Civil Codes of Quebec and Saint Lucia. University of Ottawa Press, 1984. 33.
  4. Restrictions on the Trade Union Rights of Caribbean Public Officers, (1984), 8:2 West Indian Law Journal. 137; (1986), 10:2 West Indian Law Journal, 1.
  5. Historical Aspects of the Evolution of Caribbean Legal Systems, in Comparative Legal Studies: Law and Legal Systems of the Commonwealth States and the Organization of American States. Organization of American States, Secretariat for Legal Affairs, Washington, 1986, at p.29.
  6. Approaches to the Common Law Trust in Codified Mixed Jurisdictions, in G. Hand and J. McBride (Editors) Droit Sans Frontieres: Essays in Honour of C. Neville Brown, Holdsworth Club, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1991.
  7. The Identification and Classification of Mixed Systems of Law, in G. Kodilinye and P.K. Menon (Editors), Commonwealth Caribbean Legal Studies, Published by Butterworths for the University of the West Indies,1992, atp. 179.
  8. Evolving Judicial Intervention in the Administration of Commonwealth Caribbean Education, (1991-92) The Caribbean Education Annual. 27.
  9. Which Estoppel in the Law of Saint Lucia?, (1992), 2:2 Caribbean Law Review, 154.
  10. The Legal Framework of Education In the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, (66 pp), Organization of American States, Washington D.C., USA. 1994.
  11. The Reception of the Common Law System by the Civil Law Systems In the Commonwealth Caribbean, in Reception of Legal Systems: Implantation and Destiny. University of Moncton and Free University of Brussels, 1993.
  12. Confidentiality and Freedom of Speech by Public Officers, in M.A. Danes (Editor), Business, Government and Society: Caribbean Writings on Caribbean Issues, 1994.
  13. The Courts and the Interpretation of a Civil Code In a Mixed Legal System: Saint Lucia Revisited, (1995), 5:1 The Caribbean Law Review 144.
  14. CXC Principles of Business, (co-author with W. Armand Layne and Wendell A. Samuel), Cambridge University Press, England, 1994.


  1. Aspects of the Law of the Barbados Public Service. LL.M. Thesis, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, 1983, 450 pp.
  2. The Mixed Legal System of Saint Lucia: Its Establishment and Decline. Ph.D. Thesis, 1988, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, 878 pp.


  1. Aspects of the Constitutional Position of Caribbean Public Officers. Paper presented to CARICOM/ILO Conference on Public Service Management, Kinston, Jamaica, 25th February - 8th March, 1985.
  2. Issues in Caribbean Cooperative Legislation. This was co-authored with Dr. N.J.O. Liverpool and presented to a Caribbean Confederation of Credit Union Seminar in Antigua, August, 1984.
  3. Legal Issues Arising Out of Political Events in Saint Lucia. This paper was also co-authored with Dr. N.J.O. Liverpool and presented to a Conference on the aftermath of the Grenada Revolution, sponsored by Institute International Relations, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, May 1984.
  4. Statutory Organization of Education in the OECS, prepared for the OECS Secretariat and presented at a Conference in Antigua, June 1991.


  1. Relationship between Stafco-op and Public Policy Agencies in Saint Lucia, prepared for the Saint Lucia-based Stafco-op, an organization of Producer Cooperatives, March 1985.
  2. The Folk Research Centre (FRC) of Saint Lucia, co-authored with Petrus Compton for the Canadian University Services Overseas (CUSO), October 1984.
  3. Stafco-op of Saint Lucia, prepared for the Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA), and co-authored with A.S. Mair (Team Leader) and J. MacDonald, for Cooperative Association, March 1989.
  4. Options of Legal Incorporation for ISCFO, prepared for Inter-Island Steering Committee of Farmer Organizations, 23rd August 1989, 31 pp.
  5. The Legal Status of the Productive Farmers Union, prepared for Inter-Island Steering Committee of Farmers Organizations, April 1989, 50 pp.
  6. The Proceeds of Crime Bill, commissioned by the Barbados Bar Association, 18th December 1989, 118 pp.
  7. Statutory Organization of Education in the OECS, for OECS Secretariat, 1992.
  8. The Statutory Organization of Education in Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica, for CARICOM Secretariat.
  9. With Albert K. Fiadjoe, Regulatory Reform of the Public Service of St. Kitts and Nevis, (UNDP-funded for the Government of St. Kills and Nevis) 1994, 112 pp.
  10. Constitutional and Administrative Issues, in Report of a Working Group on Public Sector Reform and Administrative Restructuring in the Caribbean Community, Caribbean Centre for Development Administration, Bridgetown, Barbados, 1995.


  1. UNDP/Government of Anguilla Consultant to draft an Education Ordinance for Anguilla.
  2. Advisor, Regional Constituent Assembly of the Windward Islands (January 1990 to January 1991).
  3. OECS Consultant to draft Model Education Bill for OECS States, 1994.
  4. UNDP Consultant to draft Legislation for the Public Service of Saint Lucia.
  5. UNDP Consultant to draft, jointly with Dr. Albert K. Fiadjoe, a Public Service Employment Bill for the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.


  1. Served As:
    1. Head, Teaching Department of Law, 1st August 1989 to 31st July 1991.
    2. Re-appointed Head, Teaching Department of Law, 1st August 1991 to 30th September 1993.
  2. Formerly Served as Academic Board Representative on:
    1. Board of Examinations
    2. Board for Post-graduate Degrees
    3. Board for Higher Degrees
  3. Former Member:
    1. Students Regulations Committee, Cave Hill Campus
    2. Pay and Promotions Committee, Cave Hill Campus
    3. Speaker’s Cup Committee, Cave Hill Campus
  4. Former Member:
    1. Editorial Committee, Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs, ISER, Barbados
    2. Editorial Committee, Occasional Papers, ISER, Barbados
    3. Editorial Committee (Chairman), Caribbean law Review


    1. Member, Editorial Committee, Folk Research Centre Bulletin, Saint Lucia
    2. Member, Editorial Committee, Caribbean Education Annual (Published by CARNEID)
    3. Former Member, Law Reform Committee of Barbados

6th March 1998



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