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The Health Sector Reform Secretariat has staged the first consultation on Health Sector Reform. This consultation formed part of the Health Sector initiative introduced by the Government of Saint Lucia and represented the first of many such activities to be conducted in the months ahead. Through such participatory exercises, stakeholders will be given an opportunity to articulate their views and present ideas on key Health Sector Reform issues. The collective thoughts and experience emanating from the consultative process will guide the Ministry of Health in its formulation of the policies of the White Paper.

One of the main objectives of the first consultation was to provide recommendations for the development of an action plan leading to the drafting of the white paper and it is envisaged that these recommendations will be used to guide the future consultative and planning process of health sector reform. The Health Sector Reform Secretariat has drafted an in depth action plan. This action plan will guide the activities of the Secretariat by employing a systematic approach towards the formulation of the White Paper. It will incorporate collecting constructive feedback from the nation in order to adapt the existing policy paper.

Plan Of Action

Objective: To develop a work schedule geared to the formulation of the White Paper.


  1. Present the report on the Preparatory Meeting/First Consultation on Health Sector Reform.

  2. Assess feedback from stakeholders who participated in the First Consultation.

  3. Schedule a one-day consultation with some major stakeholders who participated in the first workshop, in order to clarify the information submitted and to clearly define potential areas for further study.

  4. Prepare the plan of activities that would lead to the formulation of the White Paper.

  5. Prepare draft outline of White Paper

  6. Develop terms of reference for consultants in areas where further and study is required for the development of the National Health Service.

  7. Prepare consultation instruments and public relations program outlines for the Health Sector Reform process.

  8. Prepare an activity schedule for community and private sector consultations.

  9. Meet with experts from national and international organizations to discuss Health Sector Reform.

  10. . Prepare a draft of the White Paper based on informed policy choices

  11. . Presentation of White Paper.

Outcome: The submission of the White Paper by December 31st 1998

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