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The reform of the Health Sector is a fundamental requisite for improvement of the Health Care system and the sustained development of Saint Lucia. The Governments’ determination to contain escalating health care costs, seek partnerships in financing the health sector while providing services that are equitable, efficient, effective and financially sustainable is key to the reform process.

One of the requirements of the reform process, is the need to engage all parties through the consultative approach to define the way forward in specific terms. The event of July 31st and August 1st 1998 has demonstrated a level of enthusiasm that signifies hope in the effort to achieve a reformed heath service. As a result, there was consensus on a number of issues which are related to a need for the following:

Client Focused Services – recognition of the need for Health Care Personnel to become more client oriented as a means of guaranteeing some level of customer/client satisfaction, while establishing client confidence in the services offered.

Integration of Services i.e. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary health care services – Consensus on the need to develop and implement Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care service plans/programs and the need to establish a link between these three levels of care.

Inter-sectorial and Inter-ministerial Co-operation – To arrive at comprehensive macro health policies concerning resources allocation and budgets.

Organizational Restructuring – using modern management principles. Policies to support the critical role of health in development and shift from sickness to wellness model.

Improved Information System – which would empower managers/decision makers with the tools for more informed decision making and sound planning for the future of the health sector.

Community participation and Involvement – Institute mechanism for community participation in service development and administration.

Professional Self-Regulatory Bodies – these must be developed for medical, nursing and other professional bodies within both the public and private health sector.

Reorganized Financial Management Systems – The need for a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to health sector financing recognizing that finance is a necessary tool to achieve health goals.

Quality Assurance through the Health Sector – quality improvement should be adopted as part of the management process. Norms, standards and systems for delivery of quality services to be established at all levels. Legislative/regulatory mechanisms to facilitate quality of care monitoring.

Decentralization of authority to align with responsibility.

It was recognized there is a need to give appropriate authority to allow for the implementations of decisions in an effective manner

Improved Capacity Building (HRD) for The Heath Sector – with emphasis on appropriate skill development and training.

Caution must be exercised!

Health Sector Reform has become central to ongoing and development activities in the Ministry of Health. Within this context, a wide range of activities extending from the redevelopment of Victoria Hospital, improvement in the Accident and Emergency Department; the institutionalization of gender mainstreaming efforts, the refurbishing of Malgretoute and to the improvement of mental health services have been included in the planning and Reform processes. The efforts of the Ministry of Health to restructure and reorganize the sector are guided by the government’s policy on health and on the advice of the Health Sector Reform Committee. This committee comprises individuals who are both users and providers of health care.

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