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The preparatory meeting – first consultation, was made possible by many persons. We are grateful to all the contributors from Government Ministries, the private sector and Non-governmental Organizations for their invaluable input at the preparatory meeting - the first consultation.

We are heartened by the presence of all invited guests, participants and the media for realizing the importance of such a meeting.

Through PAHO, the Health Sector Reform process has received technical assistance from Dr. Kenwyn Nichols, who provided a critique on the discussion paper produced by the Health Sector Reform Committee. Also through PAHO, the Department of Health Economics, St. Augustine, in the person of Dr. Cumberbatch contributed to the development of the aspect of Health Sector Financing. The Ministry of Health also procured the services of Dr. Kenwyn Nicholls and Dr. Cumberbatch as consultants at the recently concluded consultation on Health Sector Reform. We express our sincerest thanks.

Complementing the Health Sector Reform Process is the Health Sector Study, currently being carried out by the consulting firm, "Health Research for Action (HERA)". This study is financed by the European Development Fund as part of the Victoria Hospital Redevelopment Project. HERA has already completed the first phase (The Preliminary Report), of a two phase study, and is expected to commence the second phase later. We are thankful for the preliminary report, which provided a descriptive analysis of the health care system.

We acknowledge the input of all our local resource persons at the recent Health Sector Preparatory Meeting. We also wish to thank the Ministry’s secretaries for the extra effort and time they put into the recording of the group sessions.

The contributions towards material for the meeting was well received and appreciated.

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